Preschool is a room based around the ages of 3-5 years.

In preschool we like to learn through play. Our day-to-day routine and learning is set around the seven areas of the EYFS, this allows the children to gain confidence, gain relationships and be able to explore different cultural events from around the world. We also encourage social play to allow children to learn from each other, this can be from children’s interests and adult led activities.

Throughout the day we find the time to allow children to spend quiet 1-1 time with keyworkers, this allows children to build a good bond with staff and focus on school ready goals for example, explaining reading books, be able to hold a pencil correctly and being able to write letters from their names. We also focus on math-based learning such as numbers and shapes, and space and measure.

As a school ready target, we also do 2x 15-minute phonics sessions a day to allow the children to learn the understanding of letters and sounds.

During the children’s time in preschool, we encourage independence throughout play and daily routine for example, praise when tidying up, toileting and mealtimes. We also encourage the children to self-serve at mealtimes.

In preschool we also encourage imaginative role play indoors and out, this helps to promote cultural capital experience into play and allow children to share their home experience with others.

Throughout the children’s time in preschool, they will be able to be taught from outside businesses such as going on trips to the shops, visits of local community services, trips to care homes and learn road safety from the lollipop lady herself.

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